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高クロック (~5.4 GHz+) CPUを採用した低価格で高性能なVPS (データセンター所在地: 東京都内・Equinix TY8) [1分以内にご利用可能] 2024年4月:大変お待たせ致しました。当プランの在庫を復活させていただきました。

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通信量無制限で超高速な10Gbps 東京VPS


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IPアドレス (レンタル)


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10Gbps High Bandwidth Tokyo VPS Lite

Equinix TY8, Cogent Transit (+BBIX & Equinix IX option for $2/month/IP) (China-optimised route excluded) (3Ghz Xeon DDR3 ECC RAID10 SSD server) (Enter "10G10BF2023" for 10% recurring BF discount)

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R9 7900 10Gbps - Tokyo

Premium Ryzen 9 7900 DDR5 Tokyo VPS with 10Gbps uplink (CDN77/Datacamp with basic ddos protection) (We will do our best to implement China-optimised network such as softbank/IIJ at affordable price next year once we expanded to a new datacenter) *Warning: This product utilizes NTT network and not China-optimized

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Affordable Tokyo Dedi/VPS (Pre-orders)

Accepting pre-orders at the moment. ETA: Early June, 2024 Datacenter: Equinix TY8

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